I had to overcome depression

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I had to overcome depression

I had to overcome depression

Andrew Jones – Lost 25 Kgs

My job had put my life on such a drab rut, so much so, that I had no interest and motivation on working around the chaos that surrounded me. Days passed by, and all I would do for taking my mind off stress was to eat. I couldn’t stop with a regular portion. I ate day in and day out. Laziness crept in and there was no scope of hitting the gym. I felt I was dragging myself to do day to day chores that I could earlier manage easily.

My habit of eating every half an hour, and constantly munching on snacks just wouldn’t leave me. I had to over-eat, till the calorie intake exceeded the output to an alarming stage. I had reached the last stage of obesity, and life became awful! It struck me so bad, that I had to change things for the better. At this stage of life, was it even possible to rewind my condition? I was depressed, and all I could think of was food. I had to overcome depression. It wasn’t getting me anywhere anyway!

I had to pull myself out of the messy quicksand that engulfed me deeper each day. LivFit served as a guide to help me overcome diet and weight issues in a gradual, yet endearing way. Their range of programs helped me recover from my imbalanced states of mind and body. I have lost weight, reduced binging and most importantly, I am a happy man and feel back to life!