LivFit helps you reverse Diabetes or Obesity


The LivFit Way

The One Size 'Doesn't' Fit All Approach

Our process is to keep it simple! Lets walk through your journey with Livfit. Our recommendations and guidance differ from person to individual. However, our process makes your journey enjoyable after all its just not about the destination but also the experience that matters.

Step 1 – Lets Get Started

Process Step 1

  • Lifestyle Anlaysis
  • Health reports Analysis
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Goal Setting

Step 2 – Detoxification

Process Step 2

  • Cleanse your body and Flush all toxins with our 7 day scientific detoxification programme

Step 3 – Your customised Meal plan

Process Step 5

  • Counselling with our expert nutritutionist
  • Tailored meal plan on your food preferences, Eating habits, activity levels

Step 4 – Staying on Track

Process Step 4

  • Constant monitoring of your diet to ensure the prescribed diet is working well.

Step 5 – The Way forward

Process Step 5

  • Assessment of the goals
  • Regular follow up nutritional coaching sessions with our Diet coach/nutritionist

Reverse Diabetes

reverse diabetes

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Weight Loss

weight loss

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