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What Services do LivFit offer

LivFit isn’t just a nutrition clinic; it’s a lifestyle transformation hub in Bangalore. Our experienced dietitians and nutritionists specialise in weight management, diet consultation, and offering personalised meal plans that cater to your nutritional needs. LivFit experts stands out among dietitians in Bangalore, providing instant appointment booking and a range of services, including sports nutrition and medical nutrition therapy.

About us

Who we are

With more than 10 years of experience, our dietitians in Bangalore and top nutritionists have worked with top institutions. LivFit is committed to helping you live a healthy life through customised diets based on your medical history, lifestyle, and nutrition requirements. We believe in promoting good nutrition for healthier lives, focusing on well-being rather than restrictive diets. When it comes to your health and well-being, choosing one of our nutritionists in Bangalore is essential.

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How Can We Help?

Improving Eating Habits

Unhealthy eating habits can have a significant impact on your health. Our dieticians in Bangalore can help you identify and address unhealthy eating habits to improve your overall well-being. We can provide you with strategies to overcome emotional eating, binge eating, and other unhealthy behaviours, allowing you to develop a healthier relationship with food.

Providing a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is crucial for optimal health. Our celebrity dietitians in Mumbai can guide you towards achieving a well-balanced diet that includes all the essential nutrients your body needs. We will help you understand the importance of each food group and provide you with meal plans that are nutritious, delicious, and easy to follow.

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Satisfied Clients

Kumpa Ram Suthar
Kumpa Ram Suthar
I'm 22 and in spite of being 90kg I’m a hard core fast-food lover, It was becoming quite tough for me to stop eating my favorite foods. I tried so many remedies for losing weight naturally, but I failed. Then I started looking for online nutritionist consultation, and I met Dietician Rajshree from LivFit. She tailored some easy-to-do exercise and food diet without sacrificing my eating habits. And I can see the results.
Bhumika Mathur
Bhumika Mathur
My baby turned 1 this year! As much as I’m enjoying the motherhood, I was troubled by the weight that I gained post-pregnancy. I consulted Rajshree Sharma from Livfit. She assured me to put me on a diet that doesn’t make me feel tired and starve since I was yet feeding my baby. Weight loss diet doesn’t mean “starving” is what she says :-) Thankfully I’ve lost 10 kgs in 45 days. I’d love to recommend Rajshree !
Puja Agrawat
Puja Agrawat
I’m a stress-eater which means I’m eating most of the times .. ha ha. My husband thought he would influence me however he got into being influenced by me instead and both of us ended up being super overweight. Reality stuck when we got our blood work done and the reports were shocking. Both of us needed to get on a weight loss diet immediately and take health into control. Rajshree is a life saver. She tailored some doable and easy diet plans for us which we religiously followed ( with some cheat days of course!!) Lose weight naturally was the mantra that Rajshree made us believe in. Thrilled that we’ve been able to lose 17 kgs in about 18 weeks. Thanks to Dietician Rajshree and team Livfit !!
VISHNU Kumar Sharma
VISHNU Kumar Sharma
I was looking for the best dietician in Bangalore who could help me with a good diet for thyroid issues. A friend of mine recomended Rajshree Sharma. Obviously she had tried Rajshree and very happy with the progress she was experiencing with her weight loss journey. Rajshree deisgned a meal chart specifically for me bearing in mind my allery issues along with thyroid. I'm extremely happy that my throid levels are under control. Thanks Rajshree for being of immense help, I'm surely going to recomnded you to many of my friends who can be healthy by joining you.
Deepika Changlani
Deepika Changlani
I started gaining weight after I turned 45. During my visit to the gynecologist, I was informed that this was common during the menopause stage. Mood swings, hunger pangs, and heaviness left me worried and perplexed. Dietician Rajshree chalked out a customized weight loss diet chart along with guidance on daily exercise and other tips that helped me a lot. I’ve been able to lose weight, gain my energy levels back and feel lighter and younger! My mood swings have vanished! God bless you Rajshree!!
Manju Patel
Manju Patel
I started looking for a diet plan for blood high pressure online when I often felt breathless numbness in my body and extremely tried ,I new something wasn't right with my eating habits. I come across Livefit and immediately booked an online nutritionists consultation Dietician Rajshree advised me to got my blood tests , as expected the reports were not normal. I was put on a low-carb diet intially which helped me lose weight and also addressed the high by issues now I am following a maintenance diet and feel healthy and fit.
Nehal Pareekk
Nehal Pareekk
They say Obesity is heriditary and runs in the family. I've managed to prove that as a myth after I consulted Livfit and Dietician Rajshree put me on the low carb diet. I lost 17 kgs just by controlling the level of carbs with the diet charts that were provided to me every week and the super motivation that I got from the team at Livfit. Thanks for your support.
Dariya Suthar
Dariya Suthar
I was diagnosed for PCOD a couple of years ago. I've been on medication but little did I know that there was a specific diet for PCOD that could help me more than the medicines I've been popping. Thanks, Rajshree for helping me out with the best nutritional diet for PCOD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: LivFit is a leading nutritionist in Bangalore that focuses on providing personalised diets and nutrition plans to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

A: The dietitians at LivFit are highly qualified and experienced professionals, including Varsha Kalra, Bahareh Mansoorian, Dr. Manasa K Naik, Rajshree Sharma, Aditi Shukla, Raja Suganthi Kothia, Dr. Aashish Gupta.

A: LivFit offers a range of services in Bangalore and Mumbai, including personalised diet consultations, diet plans for weight management, sports nutrition guidance, diet plans for specific health conditions like PCOS, and guidance on healthy living and food habits.

A: To consult with a dietitian at LivFit, you can book an appointment through our website or contact our clinic in Bangalore directly.

A: When choosing a dietitian in Bangalore, it is important to consider factors such as their qualifications, experience, expertise in your specific health condition or goals, and client reviews or testimonials. Our dietitians are certified and professional, with years of experience up their sleeves.

A: Yes, LivFit specialises in weight management and offers personalised diet plans to help individuals achieve their weight loss or weight gain goals in a healthy and sustainable manner.

A: LivFit doesn’t believe in restrictive diets. We focus on creating balanced and sustainable diet plans that suit individual preferences and lifestyles.

A: LivFit has a team of highly qualified and experienced dietitians who are considered some of the best in Bangalore.

A: The consultation fee at LivFit may vary depending on the dietitian you choose to consult with. For detailed information on fees, it is recommended to contact LivFit directly.

A: Yes, LivFit has experienced sports nutritionists who can provide customised nutrition plans for athletes and sports enthusiasts to optimise their performance and achieve their fitness goals.

A: Yes, a pregnancy nutritionist can also provide guidance on lactation and postpartum nutrition. They can help mothers make healthy food choices that support breastfeeding, replenish nutrient stores, and aid in postpartum recovery.