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Medical Nutrition

Navigating the World of Nutrition Therapy

What is Nutrition Therapy?

Nutrition therapy is an individualised approach to health that focuses on making dietary and lifestyle changes to manage and prevent various medical conditions. At LivFit, our experienced registered dietitians (RDs) lead the way in crafting personalised nutrition plans tailored to your unique needs. These plans go beyond basic nutrition information by addressing medical conditions and promoting overall well-being.


Elevate Your Health with LivFit's Medical Nutrition Therapy

Evidence-based Medical Nutrition Therapy at LivFit

With LivFit, there’s every possibility to transform your health and well-being through the science of nutrition. Welcome to LivFit, where our expert team specialises in medical nutrition and offers cutting-edge nutrition therapy services. Discover the benefits of evidence-based practises, personalised nutrition plans, and the guidance of our dedicated dietitians. Let’s embark on a journey to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Personalised Nutrition Consultation at LivFit

Tailoring Plans to Individual Needs

Our nutrition consultation services go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that each person is unique, and their nutritional needs and lifestyle preferences vary. LivFit’s registered dietitian nutritionists take the time to understand your cultural preferences, health goals, and any specific health issues you may be facing. This individualised approach ensures that your nutrition plan is not only effective but also sustainable in the long run.

Setting Realistic Goals for Lasting Results

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires setting realistic goals. Whether your aim is to lose weight, lower the risk of certain conditions like heart disease, or simply enhance your overall health, LivFit’s dietitians work with you to develop achievable and sustainable objectives. Our approach is focused on long-term success, empowering you to make lasting changes.

The LivFit Difference: Nutrition Counselling and Education

Comprehensive Nutrition counselling

At LivFit, we recognise the importance of behavioural and lifestyle changes in achieving optimal health. Our nutrition counseling services extend beyond dietary recommendations, focusing on helping you make better food choices and adopt healthier habits. Whether you need assistance with managing type 1 diabetes or learning how to make nutrition-related decisions, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Empowering Through Nutrition Education

Education is key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. LivFit is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions about your nutrition. Our dietitians undergo rigors training in nutrition, ensuring you receive the latest information and a deep understanding of how to make nutritious choices that align with your health needs.


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Your Journey to Better Health Starts Now!

LivFit is not just a nutrition clinic; it’s a partner in your health journey. We aim to lower the risk of acute and chronic conditions, increase your overall well-being, help you set realistic goals, and provide the support needed to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Join us at LivFit and discover the transformative power of medical nutrition therapy.

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Ready to take control of your health and elevate your well-being? Reach out to LivFit today and experience the difference between personalised, evidence-based nutrition services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Medical Nutrition Therapy Consultation is a personalised nutrition counseling service provided by registered dietitians to help individuals achieve optimal health by making dietary and lifestyle changes.

A: Registered dietitians (RDs) are nutrition professionals who have fulfilled the necessary requirements to obtain the credentials. They specialise in food and nutrition and are trained to assess nutrition needs, provide individualised nutrition advice, and help individuals with dietary changes.

A: Medical nutrition therapy can help you manage various health conditions through a personalised and evidence-based approach. It provides guidance on nutrition, healthy eating habits, and lifestyle choices that can improve your overall well-being.

A: You may need medical nutrition therapy if you have certain health conditions that can be managed through dietary changes, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies, or weight concerns.

A: During a consultation, a registered dietitian will assess your current eating habits, medical history, and nutrition needs. Based on this information, they will develop an individualised nutrition plan tailored to your specific goals and health condition.

A: While the terms “dietitian” and “nutritionist” are often used interchangeably, a registered dietitian (RD) is a regulated health professional who has completed specific education and training requirements. They are recognized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as experts in the field of nutrition. Nutritionists, on the other hand, may have varying levels of education and credentials.

A: Many insurance plans cover medical nutrition therapy, especially when it is recommended by a healthcare provider as part of a treatment plan for a specific medical condition. However, coverage may vary depending on your insurance provider and plan.

A: Medical Nutrition Therapy can help with weight management by providing personalised guidance on healthy eating habits, portion control, and creating a balanced diet. It takes into account individual nutrition needs and aims to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

A: Yes, a registered dietitian may recommend certain supplements based on your individual nutrition needs. However, the focus is always on obtaining essential nutrients through a balanced diet rather than relying solely on supplements.