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LivFit was created to curb the negative impact from chronic lifestyle diseases of diabetes & obesity that can no longer be ignored. The sedentary, yet complicated life pattern has got the disease-meter soaring to an all-time high, posing a threat to the well being of an individual and society at large.

Our customized nutrition programmes provide focused online nutrition counselling for weight loss & reversing diabetes. At LivFit we provide health & lifestyle assessments, diet evaluations & solutions with lots of guidance and support to address the underlying health conditions of individuals. We use a combination of scientific research, life experience, compassion and above all provide food guidance to help you get the results you could only wish for. Our practitioners are experts in their fields and intend to provide sustainable healthy solutions to your needs.

LivFit is owned and operated by Renewed Health Solutions.

Our customized nutrition programs provide focused online nutrition counseling

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