They Say: Use Drugs & Medicines to Control Diabetes

We Say: Use Food to Reverse Diabetes

What you can expect just in a few weeks with LivFit

improved blood sugar levels
Improved blood sugar levels

weight loss
Reduced hunger Pangs and weight loss

reduced sugar cravings
Reduced sugar cravings

controlled digestive system
A more controlled digestive system

Here’s What You Get With the Reverse Diabetes Programme

Getting to know you better - Initial session

Comprehensive health history assessment

Two 30 min follow-up sessions

Body composition analysis

Detoxification Begins

7 day individualized meal plan

Healthy recipes

Grocery & Example Shopping lists

Fitness & Lifestyle advice

Supplement analysis

Kitchen makeover

Phone/Whats app check-ins for ongoing support – Everyday !

    The LivFit Effect on Blood Glucose Level

    diabetes graph

    Amazing People, Amazing Results!

    Success comes in all shapes and sizes. The LivFit program has changed the life for many. If they can do it, so can you!

    Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person

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