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Can I use the prescribed diet chart for my family members?

No, every individual has different parameters, body mass indices and coping mechanisms. We cater each plan based on a close analysis of the body type and interactions with the individual.

Do you prescribe weight loss pills?

No, as we do not believe in short cuts to weight and health management. It is a slow, disciplined and sure-shot process.

How is LivFit different from the other weight loss and dieticians ?

Livfit specialises and believes in reversing diabetes and obesity through our scientific approach. Our certified team of nutritionists and dieticians have extensive education and training in the relevant field and are well equipped to coach you on your diet and lifestyle habits.

My work demands me to travel, Can I yet follow this diet ?

Certainly! Bearing in mind the hectic and busy schedule of individuals our experts will hand craft your diet chart according to your routine and lifestyle.

Can I actually Reverse my Diabetes & Obesity ?

You’ve got that right! We adapt scientific solutions that work upon the cause of diabetes to reverse it. Its doable!

Will I need to visit your clinic or dietician ?

Our services are available online for a simple objective that we wanted to break free from the physical boundaries and not confine or restrict ourselves in taking our mission of reversing diabetes and obesity to the entire community and world.
Our consultation sessions are over Phone, Skype, Chat, Video Conferencing.

I’m on medication prescribed by my doctor, Can I yet go for this diet?

You may be advised medication by your local doctor however that does not restrict you from joining our mission on reversing your condition. You may want to consult your doctor or have a choice of consulting our panel of doctors.

Can an online counsellor actually understand me and my routine?

Even though our consultation sessions are done virtually, our expert nutritionists invest enough time in understanding your routine and lifestyle while we commence and then makes a personalised diet chart that will be suitable for you to reach your desired goal.

How long will it take to reverse my condition?

Our team of experts will work alongside you to ensure you reach your desired goal of reversing your condition soon however you’ll have to be very adamant and focused too. Results will start reflecting within 2 weeks of your program.

Do you offer quick-fix packages to weight loss as well?

There are no quick fix packages, we follow a scientific approach in reversing your condition. It also depends on how dedicatedly you can follow instructions of your dieticians for a steady acheivement of your goals.

How can my condition be reversed, if I have been suffering for a couple of years?

It’s a myth that if you’ve been suffering from type 2 diabetes or obesity for years it would be difficult or take longer for your condition to reverse.Its more of a mindset and the advise given for years by doctors that create a roadblock on your thought process.

I am a working woman and carry packed meals. How can you design my diet?

The questionnaire that you fill at the start of your session helps us understand your lifestyle and design a diet that is easy and convenient for you to follow while you are at work or travel occasionally. Our recipes help you to prepare delicious food which reduces your burden of thinking each day as to what should you be eating.

Will taking up a weight loss or diabetes reversal challenge be too intense for me/ harsh on me?

Taking up our diet and packages will be less intense than being on medication, insulin and feeling embarrassed with your current condition. We make dieting a fun thing and the cool part of being on our diet plans is that you do not feel that you are on one!

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