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What legacy are we leaving for our children?

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Sally Mills – Lost 18 Kgs

I am a proud mother and grandmother. It was a tough job to be a mother of teenage boys. I just didn’t realize where the day went by. I barely got time to take care of myself. My life revolved around the morning rush and lunch-packing session, followed by making breakfast and sending the boys to school. Household work ate up my noons and evenings were spent in picking them up and dropping them to extra classes. I ended up having no time for myself. This had been happening for years together and the horrid lifestyle resulted in wrong eating habits and lack of fitness practices, or should I say bad health practices. The same routine has continued with my extended family, involving my grandchildren. That is the least I can do to help my sons and daughters-in-law, who leave to work early in the morning.

All these years, though I felt I have been running around all day, I actually have been leading a rather sedentary lifestyle. I realized this when obesity struck at its very best, rather worst stage. Obesity made me lazier by the day, but the chores did not stop. It only kept getting more and more difficult for me to stay up as well as live up to the timelines. I thought it was too late to do anything about it. I tried a program or two, which didn’t really work.

Finally, I came across LivFit and its packages to reverse my condition. I knew I had to act fast and now! What legacy am I going to leave for my children? An obese, incompetent mother, who is a care-taking grandmother now, and nothing beyond?! A woman in her seventies, unable to do what she does best! I decided to take up the sessions seriously. Over a period of time, counselling and changes to my health routine made me feel back to life again, more in control of myself and my surroundings. The sessions are on and I feel my condition improving each day. All I can say is – there is no age to start anything new. Just begin!