What do I have to lose besides the weight and glucose level?

client sourabh mishra

Sourabh Mishra – Got life back on track

“I clicked on the site just out of curiosity,” he says. “It sounded real good, and the cost was bare minimal to what I’ve been spending on my medicines and insulin. I quickly signed up for the free consultation initially and when the LivFit team answered my questions I went on signing up for their Reverse Diabetes Program.

I’m Sam, 52 with type 2 diabetes. Six weeks back, I started my program with LivFit and at that time I weighed 89 kg. I now am 75 kg. Having tried many different diets over the years and being unsuccessful I never thought I could lose weight, reverse diabetes and still enjoy the same lifestyle and cutting on my favorite foods. I never starve and have no cravings for sugar and sweets anymore.

The amazing things for me about this diet is that it has not only lowered my blood sugar to normal, it has cured my depression, and given me the most incredible energy that is sustained all day. The dietician helped in establishing realistic weight-loss goals, along with my goal of lowering the glucose level, advising on grocery shopping and encouraging a regular exercise regime.

Apparently, the online service has proven quite successful for me since I do not have to travel that saved me a lot of unproductive time.

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