Is weight loss a solution for POCD?

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Is weight loss a solution for POCD?

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Polycystic Ovarian Disease is no longer a very novel condition with which women are diagnosed. With patients with ages as low as 17 or 18, there is an increased awareness about this disease and women are looking for alternative methods, other than medication to properly manage this condition. Recently it has been found that a diet to lose weight can help you recover from the condition.

What Is The POCD?

The Polycystic Ovarian Disease (POCD) is a condition where the ovaries of women develop many small sized cysts. Other than the hormonal repercussions that come along with this disease, the most common condition associated with POCD is that of infertility. While the exact cause behind POCD is still relatively unknown, it generally occurs when the ovaries have not been able to ovulate for many successive cycles. This situation of not ovulating for successive cycles makes it a cause of concern for POCD.

Weight Loss and POCD

The phenomenon where no ovulation takes place is called Anovulation. There are multiple reasons behind this condition. Factors like stress, unhealthy eating habits, obesity, exercising too much, not sleeping well and getting addicted to junk food are some of the most common reasons attributed to POCD. Once POCD sets in, then issues like irregular periods crop up. Patients of POCD generally have to resort to hormonal medication to get their period regularised. Another issue with POCD patients is that Anovulation causes a surge in the levels of male specific androgens (sex hormones) causing issues like thick facial hair.

Unmanaged POCD means morbid obesity, profuse acne on the face, unmanageable thick facial hair, very less level of period discharge and frequent mood swings. Also, such patients come across issues like low fertility or frequent and repeated miscarriages. As such patients start their journey of weight loss, a number of mitigating factors come into play.

How Weight loss Helps POCD Treatment

If you are following a diet to lose weight and it pays off, the first benefit that comes out is that hormone levels start to normalise with respect to the body mass. Specifically, the testosterone (male specific hormone also found in women) levels decrease and the blood insulin levels which were in overdrive because of the unnecessary fat in the body, also drop to lower levels. The combined effect of this is also on the relative retardation on the growth of unbecoming facial hair. Reduction in the body weight with a difference of as less as 5 % can go a long way to get POCD symptoms in check. But this is by no means an easy task.

As a matter of fact, patients with POCD have a harder time reducing their weight than others. The major reason behind this is that since their hormones are not at the proper levels, they cause hindrance in the process. However, with consistent effort and some patience- a diet to lose weight and regular exercise- the results do begin to show.

Weight loss does indeed cover one major aspect of POCD treatment. It helps to alleviate the symptoms and is very essential to get body hormones in the right range. However, weight loss per se is not the only cure for POCD. Consult a good gynaecologist to chart out your treatment better.

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