Top Effective Ways to Lose Thigh Weight

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Top Effective Ways to Lose Thigh Weight

Thigh Weight Lose

One of the common myths about thighs is that they are not supposed to touch each other; the reality is that thighs will come into contact with each other and only having a certain sort of build can result in you sporting those “untouchable” thighs, pun intended.

Moving on, you would still need your thighs to have that bronzed and sleek look, and the Indian weight loss diet is often not enough to yield satisfactory results. These exercises, on the other hand, should make that happen. Read on to know how.

Hip Bridge

Just rest on a flat surface, hold a thick towel between your knees and now try to lift your lower back while resting your head and feet on the floor. The objective of this exercise is to tone down your thighs, those glutes, and lower back. You need to carry out a minimum of ten reps per session.

Pilate’s Thigh Squeeze

Pilates is just perfect for toning those thighs, just take a small exercise ball and squeeze it between your knees. Now stretch out on all fours, exhale and gently lift your back up with your things and the exercise ball in place. Remember to curl your toes forward so that your lower body rests on it. Now gently stretch out your spine as you do this exercise and squeeze the ball as you arch your back.


This is the perfect way for you to exercise those thighs and lower back and you would not need any specialized equipment to do the same. All that you would need to do is to gently bend those knees and squat down and then straighten up again.

And as you straighten up, gently drag your right foot towards your left as this will tense those thigh muscles. No Indian weight loss diet will be able to help you as much as doing squats regularly will.

Sumo Jump

Stretch your legs and get into a semi-squat position and now jump up and straighten out those legs. Do at least ten reps per round; this should help build up your speed, endurance levels and tone down your thighs as well.

Lateral Lunge

This exercise involves you standing up, stepping to the side with your right foot and keep both toes facing forward. Now, sit down on your heels and then straighten up – this exercise should help tone your thighs and burn those additional calories away. You need to do at least ten reps per round for this exercise to achieve its objective.

Pile Squat

Stand still and make sure that your feet are at least three feet apart. Now gently lower yourself until you are sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Do at least fifteen reps of the same.

Now repeat the same exercise and as you straighten up, lift your right heel up, and this will help to add more tension to your thigh muscles. Do fifteen more with the right heel being arched up, and then repeat with fifteen more with lifting the left heel up. This would complete the set.

Get working! These exercises along with the Indian weight loss diet can help you regain your fitness.

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