Top 10 dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle

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reversing diabetes

Top 10 dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle

reversing diabetes

The sedentary lifestyle is a danger that is creeping up on most of us these days. With long office hours followed by tiring commutes, we find ourselves sitting all day. While this does not goes on to say that we don’t get tired, but with being one position almost all day and then having no exercise later on is phenomenally dangerous to our bodies. There is still no cure to reversing diabetes or other heart diseases. In this article we will be discussing 10 such dangers that you could be facing as a result of living in a sedentary lifestyle

  1. Greater Risk Of Getting A Heart Attack : Due to lack of physical activity, the heart is at a greater risk of developing blockages that cause the heart to undergo spasms. Another link is that inactivity leads to higher than required cholesterol levels, which in turn makes artery blocks very easy to happen.
  1. Higher Probability of Developing Hypertension : Hypertension, is more commonly understood as high blood pressure and is a herald for other serious diseases to come, like stroke, kidney failure, etc. Inactivity causes the efficiency of the heart to get disturbed, which has a direct effect on the blood pressure.
  1. Elevated Risks Of Colon Cancer : This is because when we don’t move around much and stay sitting or standing for most of the day, then the intestines take a longer time to process the food and pass out the waste products. This inordinate delay means that the lining of the intestines and the colon are in touch with potential carcinogenic substances for a longer time than they should. This puts us at a greater risk of developing colon cancer.
  1. Exposure To Diabetes Type 2 : Diabetes is no longer a genetic only condition. The unhealthy lifestyles of today make it easier to be a diabetes type 2 patient. This is because the lack of physical activity hampers with the ability of our liver to effectively turn blood glucose to glycogen, hence contributing to elevated levels of blood sugar. There is no way of reversing diabetes as such. All you can do is try to bring it under control.
  1. Obesity : Lack of exercise means no energy output of the body for all the food that you consume, causing the body to store it in the form of adipose tissue (made of fat cells).
  1. Vitamin Deficiencies : Sedentary lifestyle is also associated with unhealthy eating, which probably means you are not getting your required vitamins.
  1. Muscle Loss : No physical activity means that your muscles are not being out to adequate exercise, which results in muscle loss.
  1. Mood Dysfunctions : Lack of exercise means you have low levels of adrenaline and mood enhancing factors released in your body. Anger, depression and anxiety become second nature.
  1. Exhaustion : Lack of exercise can get you deeply exhausted because you are not putting the energy of your body to appropriate use, resulting in dissipating levels of energy.
  1. Migraines : Lack of physical exercise also induces the tendency of having splitting migraine headaches.

Thus, it is very important to have some form of physical exercise included in our lifestyle, no matter how busy the schedules get. Curing heart diseases and reversing diabetes is not always possible, so it is better to be careful.

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