Healthy eating tips by top dietician India

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Healthy eating tips by top dietician India

We all always look for that one tip which can get us closer to good health. We look online, ask our friends and family, ask different people who are undergoing weight loss journey and we try different hit and trial method to lose weight. But we never get a satisfactory answer or result. 

So why not ask the top dietician India, the secret tip to lose weight and eat healthily.

Let’s see the top 5 tips to be healthy by India’s top 5 dietician

  • Eat right and find time to exercise

Half of your weight loss journey is sorted if you eat right and exercise at least 4 times a week. Eating right means eating food rich in various minerals, proteins, and vitamins. If you don’t get time to hit the gym, just take a stroll in your nearest park or playground. Following these two simple steps over the long run will provide you benefits, which you can’t imagine.

  • Lifestyle changes

Making small changes in your daily life will give you more sustainable results as compared to following any fad diet. Try to eat a good combination of food, which can be utilized properly in your body. Try to avoid fats from getting accumulated in your body. And detoxify your body regularly. 

  • Eat locally grown food

Eating locally grown food with culturally traditional food works better than any low-calorie foreign food. Since our body is adapted to local food always go for traditional food options.

  • Eat slowly and chew properly

Most of the people today are in a hurry to finish all of their tasks quickly. And this includes eating too. Take a deep breath  before every morsel. This ensures you take more oxygen inside your body thus proper absorption of food. Chew your food well. This will lead you to eat less.

  • Eat a balanced diet

All top dietician India believes in following a balanced diet. The balanced diet here means food with variety and in moderation.  If you have food with variety and including all minerals, proteins, and vitamins, you will always have a balanced diet.

Don’t go on searching for millions of diet plans and fad food for quick weight loss and healthy life, always follow plans that are sustainable and easy to follow. Try to have a proper amount of sleep and good food with good amount of water. 

And the last very important tip is to love your body and yourself. If you still have certain queries regarding healthy eating, consult top dietician India from

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