This was exactly the kind of healthy life I was looking for!

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Ben Farrell – I feel more healthy

I used to be a lazy, de-motivated man, who would just sit and read, watch television or eat all day long, and more-so over weekends. Unhealthy choices dominated my daily schedule. I had been reading about illnesses that grip you by the bone, and leave you feeling exhausted and tired. I had started feeling the same, tired and drained out, day after day. It’s not like I was disease-struck or something, but I felt the need to act on it.

I did not want to set a bad example for my children. I wanted my folks and everyone else to look up to my fitness routine and see me as a smart man, despite my long office hours. Just because I had a well-paying job, didn’t mean I should stay lazy and lad back before and after work hours. I did not want to be unfit or prove to be inefficient in any way. My wife and children’s’ lives are fast-paced, and so should mine be.

With so many ailments, almost air-borne these days, taking care of oneself is imperative! I am not a victim of any of the so-called deadly diseases, but I believe in avoiding such health issues. Thus, I have registered with a program that gets me going, keeps me healthy and fit. LivFit has provided the platform I need, to regularize my food and exercise patterns, and it has worked wonders for me! I feel in control of my health and myself!

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