common weight loss

The Top 6 Common Weight Loss Myths You Need to Guard Against

common weight loss

Losing weight is never an easy task and needs the proper knowledge and plan. While you look for ways to lose weight, you will have to deal with all the various weight loss myths doing the rounds before you can opt for a plan. Here’s a brief look into some of the common weight loss myths.

1. All Calories are the Same

‘All calories are equal’ is one of the most common weight loss myths that you’re bound to come across. While a calorie is the measure of energy, the truth is that various food items metabolize at different rates once consumed and have varied impact on your overall body weight.
For example, consuming organic food is a lot healthier than eating processed food. Since you are planning to shed weight, you may want to opt for a protein rich diet and reduce your intake of carbs.

2. You can Lose Weight in a Breeze!

Losing weight is a gradual process, and there’s no quick fix. While many weight loss programs hard sell their products as the magic elixir for losing weight, the truth is that most of these quack programs stress out your heart making you more vulnerable to heart attacks.
Do avoid the various diet pills; instead try to shed weight naturally, with a strict diet regimen, with lots of lean fat and protein rich foods and of course, with an adequate amount of workouts and exercises.

3. Diet supplements Can Work Wonders

If you are taking whey powder and other diet supplements in order to lose weight, it might surprise you to know that actual science does not back most of these diet supplements.
So opting for diet pills and various supplements as a quick fix for your weight problem without actual empirical data backing up its claims makes very little sense. So for the moment, try to avoid diet supplements.

4. It all Depends on Will Power

Some claim that losing weight is all about willpower, but that’s not the case with obesity. Obesity is caused by various factors from the physiological to the psychological. Moreover, a person’s genetic traits can make that person more susceptible to obesity than anything else.

5. Eating Less is Effective

While eating or consuming fewer calories daily is good advice for anyone looking to shed those extra pounds, the fact remains that they need to change their lifestyle and their diet permanently.
Quite often, the ‘eat less’ policy works out as an excuse to binge out on fat rich food once you have managed to shed those pounds. And before you know it, you are back to square one!

6. Taking Carbs is Great For You

Carbs cause you to gain weight. While carbs are loaded with calories, they can add on to your weight problem. So opt for a low carb diet, one that gives you the essential carbs but without the fat.
These are some of the weight loss myths that have been doing the rounds for a long while. Try to read up more on weight loss and the healthy way to go about it

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