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Best Nutrition Program For Healthy Weight Loss

A healthy weight loss is an important element of good health. How much you eat and what you eat plays a key role in maintaining proper weight as well as in losing extra body weight.  For years low-fat diets were considered the best way to lose weight. But several studies and evidence show that low-fat diets don’t work and it often leads to a harmful impact on the body because these diets often replace fats with easily digested carbohydrates.  Hundreds of diet and nutrition program have been created over the years for promising fast and permanent weight loss.  I hope everyone remembers the so-called miraculous grape diet, cabbage diet, 48-hour miracle diet, and the humorous caveman diet. But do you know, these diets program won’t work till you take...

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How Can A Virtual Nutritionist Help You To Achieve Your Goal Weight?

Everyone want’s to lose weight. But very few can  achieve their goal weight. The key to a successful weight-loss program is to create a lifestyle change that you can live with. It’s about learning to shift from doing the same old thing that doesn’t work.  We live in a time where many tasks in our lives can be done virtually. Being able to work with a virtual dietician who has expertise in nutrition and wellness is no exception.  Following are the benefits of working with a virtual nutritionist Get a tailored program Your nutritionist will help you to prepare a diet chart required for your weight loss. You will get a tailored program specially designed according to your needs. Your nutritionist will ask you about your health, lifestyle, your...

What Is Nutritional Analysis And How To Get It

With a variety of food available in the market, and every brand claiming it to be the most healthy food, the nutritional value of food must be measured.  You can’t consume food only because it is claimed by a company to be healthy. So to solve this puzzle, nutritional analysis of food is done at laboratories, which provides us information about the values of different nutrition components in the menu.   Nutrition analysis is mostly displayed in a tabulation form so that it is easy to read.  The nutrition information is provided for critical elements needed by our body, for example- carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and different vitamins. Different nations have different methods for nutrition testing, and several ways are used for analysis. Testing can be done at laboratory or...

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Any Nutrition Courses

Eating healthy is one of the easiest and best ways to maintain good health. Both physically and mentally. If you think you can eat whatever you want just because you are exercising or if you are thin, you are making a big mistake my friend. Eating healthy food is far more complex than you think. We always think that we are eating because our body needs fuel to work and grow. But the truth is we eat for our enjoyment and to satisfy our taste buds.  And we enjoy this tasty food much more than our body needs it. And after a few months or years, we are guilty of cheating our own body.  Thus making a healthy choice for the food we eat is the best thing...