So I decided to rewind my life, and set things right…

client arpitha

Arpitha J – Finally got rid of diabetes

I’m Lucky !

I guess due to my lifestyle and eating habits I had ended up with diabetes and my HbA1C levels were very high. When my fasting sugar was diagnosed at 230 I was scared. I was overweight with high blood pressure and diabetes. I didn’t know how to get a grip of the situation. I had tried several other diet programs in the past however none of them actually worked for me. When I was all over the place a friend of mine helped me take control by sharing the website link of LivFit.

So I decided to rewind my life, and set things right. I took up the expert advice of the panel at LivFit, and started seeing things change relation to health, time management and quality of life at large.

LivFit’s revolutionary program provided a transformation to my life. The program has actually transformed me physically as well as mentally towards leading a healthy life. The dietician helped me understand the in very simple terms the scientific reason for my sugar levels being high and how they can be controlled and further reversed. I had to be positive and focused which was a bit difficult but the personalized support that I received from the team was amazing. I feel healthy and no longer crave for carbs or sugar. The feeling of being lethargic is history.

I am very happy and I consider myself lucky as I have been protected from taking diabetic medications all my life.”