They Say: Use Drugs & Medicines to Control Diabetes

We Say: Use Food to Reverse Diabetes

What you can expect just in a few weeks with LivFit

improved blood sugar levels
Improved blood sugar levels

weight loss
Reduced hunger Pangs and weight loss

reduced sugar cravings
Reduced sugar cravings

controlled digestive system
A more controlled digestive system

A reputed diabetic diet chart specialist

Diabetes Reversal Programme

In patients with type 2 diabetes, the term “reversing diabetes” usually refers to a considerable long-term improvement in insulin sensitivity. People with type 2 diabetes who can reduce their HbA1c to less than 42 mmol/mol (6%), without using diabetes medication, are said to have reversed or resolved their disease.  When your body does not create enough insulin or does not respond to insulin properly, you are diagnosed with diabetes. The disadvantage is that there is currently no permanent cure for this illness. Taking measures and monitoring your food consumption with professionally planned diabetes diet plans Dubai are the only ways to control this condition and live a healthy life. LivFit professionals customize the reverse diabetes program as per your body’s requirements.

How to reverse Diabetes

So, how do you go about reversing diabetes? Weight loss appears to be the key. Not only may decreasing weight help you manage your diabetes, but it can also help you live a diabetes-free life, particularly if you’ve only had the disease for a few years and haven’t needed insulin. To help prevent the onset or spread of diabetes, our dieticians in Dubai advise clients to eat a nutritious diet, maintain appropriate body weight, and exercise regularly. As a result, our dietitians are experts in the diet plan for reverse diabetes programs. They provide practical advice on how to make dietary changes to fulfill health requirements and reverse diabetes.

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What You Can Get with Our Reverse Diabetes Program in Dubai?

  • Getting a deeper understanding of your health
  • Examining your entire medical history
  • Follow-up session of 30 minutes
  • Analyze your body composition
  • Individualized 7-day meal plan
  • Analysis of a supplement
  • Fitness and lifestyle suggestions
  • Check-in through phone or WhatsApp for continued assistance.

Best Dietician in Dubai

LivFit is home to some of Dubai’s greatest dieticians, and it plays an important role in enhancing patients’ nutritional health and well-being in order to improve their clinical care. When specific nutritional considerations are required due to illness, injury, or surgery, a nutritionist can help. Diet is an essential component of both curative and preventive healthcare. Special therapeutic diet plans are created based on the clinical needs of the patient. We serve all specialties by assessing, monitoring, and optimizing the dietary status of patients, even those who require enteral and parenteral feeding, making us the best dietician in Dubai.

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Here’s What You Get With the Reverse Diabetes Programme

Getting to know you better - Initial session

Comprehensive health history assessment

Two 30 min follow-up sessions

Body composition analysis

Detoxification Begins

7 day individualized meal plan

Healthy recipes

Grocery & Example Shopping lists

Fitness & Lifestyle advice

Supplement analysis

Kitchen makeover

Phone/Whats app check-ins for ongoing support – Everyday !

    The LivFit Effect on Blood Glucose Level

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    Amazing People, Amazing Results!

    Success comes in all shapes and sizes. The LivFit program has changed the life for many. If they can do it, so can you!

    Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person

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