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Priyanka – Lost 12 Kgs

Form obese to fit, was a rather long and compelling journey. I was a cute and chubby kid. But, I grew up to be a fat, rather obese adolescent too, and that was just not cute! Losing weight required immense perseverance, motivation and consistency of flow. It was like living in a family-pack struck with ailments and fat to the extent that we were adorably called the fat-fam! Neither of us enjoyed it! We all wanted to enrol in a plan that would give us combined benefits and optimal results.

I got in touch with the team of LivFit and was surprised o see how they customized each of our diet plans, provided individual counselling and catered to each body type. I was under the impression that one plan works for all. But, I was wrong. We were given help as individuals, not just as a family!

Not just me, but my entire family of ex-obese adolescents and adults swear by LivFit’s customized packages and tailor-made diet charts. A family of fat now gone fit bid kudos to Team LivFit for being our guide and support all along! I have recommended the programs to many friends as well. They confide in it too, as they can see the results with their own eyes, to say the least.