neha basra

It was time I started living, not merely existing!

neha basra

Neha Basra – Happy to lead my life

I thought it was hereditary!

My mom, dad, granddad and uncle have been suffering from diabetes for as long as I can remember. Having a family history of diabetes, I knew I had to catch the bug some day. I am lazy by nature and refuse to take care of my health, eating habits, water intake.

A simple thought – I do not have diabetes yet, so why work towards prevention? I have been living by this motto all my teenage and adult life. Little did I know that ignoring my health would have such a detrimental effect on me, and more so, on the people around me. Yes, I have been diagnosed with diabetes a while back. My doctor told me that the medicines I was taking for almost 1 year was no longer enough so I would have to be put on insulin soon I was advised on Insulin shots for life. I was scared and terrified!

Life had changed, for the worse. I felt sorry for my family who had to handle me, take care of my medical bills and prepare specials meals to help me get out of it.

I knew I had to take my health and life in control, at some point of time. Now that I had decided to do something about it, all I did was to invest in a programme that monitored my condition and counseled me on better health preferences. My blood results are now improved and I’m off insulin. LivFit has helped me through my journey, from unhealthy to healthy life choices, from ignorance to awareness. I owe it to team LivFit!