Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

In order to get on a LivFit program (Reverse Diabetes or Obesity) you must NOT be:

•Over the age of 60 years
•Pregnant or within six weeks post-partum
•On steroids
•Suffering from kidney related disorders
•A cancer patient
•A patient with 3 months of having had Angiography/angioplasty
•An Epilepsy Patient
•A patient Within 6 months of a major surgery
•Having Nervous system related complications and/or tumours
•HIV positive
•Having Hepatitis
•Diagnosed with Liver ailments
•Within 3 months of Lactating
You must agree to consult with your doctor regarding your present health status and your wellness to take part in the program. Please also ensure that you have discussed alterations in medications with your doctor on enrolment. You must take responsibility for your own health while on the program.

Please Note:
•There will be no refund for any program.
•The program is non-transferable.
•You have agreed to communication via email, which you may change at any time.


LivFit offers carefully customized programs relevant to personal medical history, cultural and social circumstances. You will need to commit yourself to the program to achieve best results. Daily meal tracking and weekly assessment of goals are crucial to the success of the program. Each program is tailor-made for the individual so they are non-transferable.