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LivFit helps you reverse Diabetes or Obesity

mahesh reddy

I always thought that I would have to stay with diabetes forever!

client 6

Mahesh Reddy – Sugar levels under control

I had a feeling that I would have to stay with diabetes forever. Obviously with the daily dose of insulin and medication I felt slowed down. I was recommended by a friend of mine to consult the Livfit Team. Though I was a bit hesitant since I believed this is just fad and diabetes can never be reversed. I’m glad I’m proved wrong! Being hand held and directed in a personalized way has changed my life. My insulin is under control, I no longer need Metformin, and my friends have noticed how healthy I now look. However, being disciplined is a must for results to show, I suggest people to stick to the diet for it to be effective.

It makes me sad to think about all the wasted time for so many people, myself included. Had I known about this diet earlier things would have been so different. I hope to inspire and motivate others about how it really is possible to find life.

My SOS partner LivFit has been my buddy and mentor since then, right from the time I wake up to drinking a healthy beverage, to my meal pattern and wok out schedule. I had no idea my condition could actually be reversed. Now all I have to say is better late than sorry!