How to Motivate Lazy People to Workout?

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How to Motivate Lazy People to Workout?

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Given the stress that you probably face on a daily basis, making time to work out is no longer an ‘opt in’ but essential for both your health and to bring down the stress levels. A good workout should help increase your cardiovascular health, tone your body, help build up those muscles, work out all the kinks in your body, leading to an overall improvement in your health. Also, working out will ensure that you can consume your favourite foods without worrying about gaining weight and incurring diseases. Imagine how you would feel if you had to eat according to a diabetes diet chart, and sacrifice all your favourite items.

While there are quite a few physical workouts you can opt for from simple clenches to pushups, you need to gain a better understanding of all the components of physical fitness in order to exercise better and stay healthy. While nutrition does play a key role when it comes to staying healthy, it is nevertheless important to get a better read on all the components of physical health in order to exercise better and achieve targeted results.

Components of Physical Health

The five component of physical health such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility are more health related and is often used to gauge a person’s optimal performance. Meanwhile, the other components of physical fitness such as agility, balance, coordination power and speed along with reaction time are more skill related and have more to do with reflexes and how fast you would be able to adapt to changes.

These components together are what makes you fit, and while it may seem like a stretch, the fact is that various studies have pointed out the relation between the “feel good” feeling and a healthy workout session. A good workout will result in the release of endorphins, which is one of the reasons why you always feel happy after a workout with a decrease in your stress levels, and also you won’t ever have to succumb to a diabetes diet chart for well-being.

The eleven components of physical fitness are:

1. Agility: The ability to adapt and move quickly to sudden changes, to be able to move fast is what this particular component is all about.

2. Balance: The ability to balance yourself perfectly in various body positions. You can try out by standing on one leg and closing your eyes and timing yourself as to how long you’re able to stay balanced.

Apart from the Y balance test, you can also try BOSU, Fitballs and other balance related exercises to improve your core balance.

3. Body Composition: The ratio of muscle to fat in your body.

4. Cardiovascular Endurance: How your heart, lungs perform in delivering oxygen to your body under high-stress levels.

5. Coordination: The ability to coordinate your body movements perfectly.

6. Flexibility: The ability to stretch, and bend easily.

7. Muscular Endurance: Working out your muscles for a specific period without being fatigued. With several workouts, you can improve this key metric and work out for longer periods.

8. Muscular Strength: The ability to pull, push or lift by using a specific set of muscles.

9. Power: The ability to utilize your muscular strength within a short period of time.

10. Reaction time: The amount of time it takes you to react to new stimuli or to sudden change.

11. Speed: The ability to move fast.

Now that you are aware of the components of physical fitness, you can work to make them better. That is preferable to having to follow a strict diabetes diet chart for the rest of your life.

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