How to Lose Belly Fat?

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Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat?

Lose Belly Fat

Let me narrate you a little story

There was once this lady who just like any other woman in her late thirties, had some extra weight around her middle. She’d complain about not being able to fit into clothes.

She’d even justify her eating habits by saying that she did it to mollycoddle herself and to “alleviate stress.” And there was no stopping her. As the days passed by, her binging tendencies got worse. She was at a great risk of getting diabetes.

Thankfully, she decided to get rid of all that unwanted fat and worked hard to lose the extra baggage. Fast forward to today, she’s a perfectly healthy woman at her age, active, and free of diabetes. This lady is my closest aunt.

While most of us want to lose belly fat so that we can flaunt our bikini bodies in the summer or fit into that stylish pair of jeans, there are better reasons to lose that ‘spare tire.’

You must know that the fat under your skin (subcutaneous fat) may not pose much of a threat but the fat in your abdominal cavity, that’s the monster you need to beware of.

As per research, if your waistline measures more than 35 inches, you qualify for abdominal obesity.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast?

Here are proven ways to lose belly fat and never gain it back again:

  1. Avoid Consuming Sugar at All Costs : As we all know, excessive sugar intake can lead to an increased deposit of fats in the abdominal cavity. Sugar consists of fructose and glucose in equal parts. If your sugar consumption is too high, your liver can get encumbered with fructose and eventually get stored as fat. Try to avoid foods that are made using artificial sweeteners, including fruit juices. However, remember that whole fruits don’t count when considering the amount of sugar since they are rich in fiber, which negates the impact of fructose.

  1. Go for a Low-carb Diet : A low-carb diet is maybe twice or thrice more effective for losing weight compared to any low-fat diet. Other than helping to get rid of water weight rapidly, it also aids in maintaining optimum levels of insulin in the body. Carbohydrates can be either simple/refined or complex. It’s the refined carbs that you must keep your hands off. Refined carbs such as white bread, pasta, must be avoided. This will definitely make you lose belly fat.

  1. Get Enough Proteins : As per studies, protein is the king of all macro-nutrients if you need to lose weight. Statistics show that it cuts down cravings by 60% and speeds up your metabolism by up to 100 calories in a day. If you follow a protein-rich diet, that’s half the battle won. Try eating more of eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, dairy products. These are very high in protein.

  1. Eat Fibrous Foods : Viscous fibers especially play a significant role in weight loss. A recent study showed that 14 gram of extra fiber in one day were associated with a 10% reduction in calorie consumption and a drop in weight by 2 kg over 4 months. Cereals, vegetables, fruits, and legumes are a great source of fiber. Taking fiber supplements like glucomannan can drastically help you in losing fat.

  1. Exercising is the Key : A few exercises a day can surely keep the unwanted fats at bay! You cannot lose weight if you don’t remain physically active; because to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Spot reduction is a myth and performing exercises that target only your belly will not help in getting rid of fats. A combination of high-intensity workouts, strength training, and aerobics can significantly help you to lose belly fat

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