How to Loose Weight Naturally-The Omni Diet Plan

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Loose Weight Naturally

How to Loose Weight Naturally-The Omni Diet Plan

Loose Weight Naturally

Do you want to loose weight naturally because you do not have the time to engage in heavy exercises? While there are various diet plans doing the rounds from vegan to liquid diets, most emphasize on short term fat loss rather than pay attention to the associated health impacts of sudden weight loss and the associated stress on body organs. When it comes to the Omni diet plan, Tana Amen has certainly proved that her diet plan stands out from the rest, both on substance and on the methods she utilizes to achieve the target.

What is the Omni Diet Plan?

Unlike other diet plans, the Omni diet plan is all about ensuring that you get your daily intake of proteins, carbs, with a diet that consists of thirty percent protein and seventy percent greens. This program is an all-natural diet program with strict restrictions on what you can and what you cannot eat.

When it comes to the diet, you need to stick with organic foods, free range meats, and eggs, no hormone loaded food products, and no soy based items, no snacks, oils, and fruit juices or for that matter, even processed foods.

How does Omni Diet Plan Work?

While the diet may seem a bit harsh, it actually delivers on its promise. The whole Omni diet plan is all about ensuring that you get “the ideal balance of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, and lean meats that give your body everything it needs for peak performance, maximum weight loss, and optimal health,” according to Tana Amen. Since the diet to a large part is plant based, it actually helps to cleanse your body of all the oxidants and free radicals and enables your body to get the right amount of healthy nutrients it requires to function effectively and also makes you loose weight naturally.

How to Implement Omni Diet Plan?

The diet starts immediately rather than a gradual change, so the initial weeks would be hard on you, both physically and mentally. But once you get over those cravings, you should soon be able to appreciate the Omni diet program and the associated health benefits.

The first phase usually lasts anywhere from two to three weeks, and the diet requirements would vary slightly. As soon as the initial phase is over, and your body is cleansed of all the toxicity, you should be able to move on to phase two. By the time you begin phase two you should have lost about ten to fifteen pounds, would no longer be craving carbs or sugar, and should have better digestion and clearer skin.

Phase two is all about ensuring that you stay on track with the diet plan along with regular workouts, and improvements to both your body and health should be immediately noticeable to all. By the time you get to the third stage, you should be able to have better control over what you crave, and with a good healthy diet, your health should have definitely improved for the better.

The last phase is phase four and is called the maintenance phase. While it would be a good idea to stick with the diet for the rest of your life, just make sure that you do not binge on forbidden foods.

With the Omni diet plan, you should be able to shed those unwanted pounds with determination, loads of workout and hard work on your part. You cannot just loose weight naturally without putting in hours of your own efforts.

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