Clever Ways to Eating Healthy While Dining Out

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Clever Ways to Eating Healthy While Dining Out


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could eat out without feeling guilty?

There are times when you come from work and just don’t feel like cooking. But you still gather the energy to walk to the kitchen and make something for yourself since you know how unhealthy fast food is. You try to follow your diet plan to lose weight fast as strictly as possible.

According to the National Restaurant Association, Americans dine out at least five times a week. As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an outside meal increases your daily calorie intake by approximately 135 calories. As you may already know, these meals usually have a very high number of calories compared to home-cooked meals.

However, it’s completely okay to indulge occasionally. And it is possible to do it without wrecking your diet. Here are a few clever ways to eat healthy while dining out.

  1. Pick a Healthy Joint : If the decision is up to you, browse through the restaurant directory and pick the one that dishes out healthy meals. Lately, clean eating has become a trend, and as a result, new eateries offering low-calorie food are popping up every day.
  1. Choose Grilled instead of Fried : Most of the times the dish on the menu will have a description stating whether it’s grilled, fried, baked, or even steamed. Opt for the ones which are either grilled, baked or steamed.
  1. Ask them to Customize the Dish : I do this all the time! For instance, if an item includes French fries or mashed potatoes on the side, you could request the waiter to replace it with grilled veggies.You could also ask them to bring the sauce in a bowl instead of pre-tossing the meat/veggies in it. This will allow you some leverage on your diet plan to lose weight fast without causing damage.
  1. Pre-pack Half of your Order : Sometimes, the meal portions restaurants serve can be dangerously huge. In case you’re dining alone, you can request the waiter to pack half of the food that you’ve ordered before bringing it to your table. This will ensure that you don’t overeat. However, if you’re dining with someone else, go fifty-fifty with them.
  1. Have a Soup or Salad before your Meal : Studies have shown that people who have a bowl of soup or eat salads before their main course are successful in consuming a lower number of calories than others.
  1. Order a Doublet of Appetizers : The portions of the main course item are typically humongous. It’s always a good idea to call for two appetizers instead of one to keep your calorie intake on the lower side.
  1. Shun the “Unlimited Buffet” : I have tried not to binge at a buffet, but it’s impossible! Try and avoid these unlimited buffets altogether if you can. They will turn your diet plan to lose weight fast upside down! We are often poor at judging portion sizes and can end up in overindulgence as a result. Nevertheless, if you absolutely have no other option but to go for a buffet like this, take a quarter plate so that you don’t eat much or take a full sized plate and fill half of it with salad.
  1. Have Plenty of Water : A study found that those who were on a diet, consumed fewer calories and lost 44% more weight if they drank 500 ml of water thirty minutes before their meal. It’s advisable that you drink loads of water before and during a meal.

It may not be possible to get a meal outside that’s completely fat-free. But if you start making more conscious, and healthier choices when dining out keeping your diet plan to lose weight fast in mind,  it’ll help reduce your calorie intake significantly!

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