Can night time workout hamper your sleep?

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night time workout

Can night time workout hamper your sleep?

night time workout

Exercise is great for the body. It is a basic necessity that your body requires along with food, water and sleep. Following a weight loss diet and a regular exercise schedule can do miracles for your health. However, the best time for exercising is something that has been under debate for a long time. While most experts suggest early morning as the best time to exercise, our busy work schedules with hours of commuting thrown in do not really allow for it.

So, afternoon and night time workouts have become a legitimate trend. But new allegations against night time exercise say that it interferes with the sleep cycle of the person and can keep you awake unnecessarily. In this article we will be busting this myth.

Night Time Exercise and sleep

Exercise per se helps us to sleep better. That is the bottom-line. Exercise done at at any time of the day can help us get our REM cycles back on track. For most people, night time exercise helps to combat issues like insomnia or helps to get rid of the sleep apnoea or help to lower the stress levels so that the mind can relax and sleep, instead of running in circles.

The benefits of exercise are too huge to ignore. If you do not get time during the day for a workout, you can hit the gym in the evening.

What Is The Best Time To Exercise?

The best time to exercise, as it turns out is totally dependent upon you. While morning exercise makes the best use of pollution free air and mid morning exercise helps to combat irrational hunger, exercising in the night time is not particularly detrimental to your body at all. What is detrimental is that you do not exercise in the hope of waking up some day at 5 am.

Let’s face it. Some of us get back from work as late as 10 pm. With dinners finishing up not before 12, we really cannot wake up before 7. It is better that we rather include a medium level workout before hitting the pillow. One important thing to note here is that the timing of our meals should be regular as it is an essential requirement of every weight loss diet.

This has more benefits than we realise. First of all, it helps to ease out the stress of the day. It helps to restore the flexibility in the back and the limbs that become stiff after a day’s work and most importantly, it tires you out enough to get to sleep immediately, instead of wasting time on the TV or the phone. It does a great job of putting you to sleep.

What do we recommend?

Most often, night time exercise can not hamper the sleep of the most of us. Some exceptions will be there because everybody has a unique body make up. But by and large, exercise does help you sleep better.

In fact, it is all up to you whether you intend to hit the gym early morning or during evening. Either way – you get a fitter and healthier you. Try to follow a weight loss diet alongside and you will be good to go.

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