6 Practical steps to become a Vegan

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Indian Weight Loss Diet

6 Practical steps to become a Vegan

Indian Weight Loss Diet

Being vegan is more than a trend than celebrities follow. With the side effects of hardcore non-vegetarian diets taking people to the Cardiac ICU a little too often these days, there is an increased surge in the number of people that are adopting the vegan way of life. Being vegan can make you a healthier person too. The Indian weight loss diet for vegetarians provides plenty of options to have good food without compromising on taste.

If you are new to the journey of embracing total veganism, here is a 6 step guide to ease you into the process, so that there are no jarring changes that your body suffers.

1. Be Clear As To Why You Want To Be A Vegan

Being vegan is not limited to shunning meat. It also means that you lay off milk and dairy products. Going vegan is a commitment of a lifetime and you cannot be doing it just because famous people like Ellen DeGeneres is doing it. Chalk out your own personal motivations as to why your present eating habits need a change as drastic as going vegan.

For some it is to get rid of unnecessary cholesterol and for others, it’s because they are working towards a specific target at which they want their body to be. Commercial meat is full of toxic substances like steroids and medications that help to fatten up the slaughter animals. Some people don’t want all that going into their body. This will help you to decide and stay firm on your decision to be a vegan.

2. Research and Learn

Being vegan is not an overnight process. Do research about what you can have and whether or not you have allergies to it (Peanut butter and soy based products like tofu are common allergens). This will help you to realise if you are cut out to be a vegan or not.

3. Opt For Gradual Substitution

We recommend that you do not go all out and make sudden changes in your diet. Start with small changes and then gradually work your way up. You could start by reducing your intake of meat from every day to maybe 3 days a week to once a week and then winnow it down further. Similarly look for food substitutes that fall in the vegan category but also do not compromise on the nutrition that your body should be getting. The Indian weight loss diet offers you no dearth of options.

4. Get Used To Cooking

A full fledged vegan lifestyle requires you to get creative with the menu. It will make sense that you use all the research that you did to come up with innovative recopies that incorporate a wide range of required nutrients and taste great as well.

5. Don’t Be Discouraged By Slip Ups

The best of us give in to food cravings. But do not let that throw you off course. A little slip up does not mean the end of the world. Get back to your diet and move forward, instead of feeling like a loser. It’s really no big deal to cave in once in a while.

6. Consult A Doctor

Making drastic diet changes is a huge step and even if you are easing into the vegan diet, stay in touch with your doctor who will guide you every step of the way. The idea is to get a healthier body and mind, and not invite allergies and sickness out of careless disregard to the needs of your body.

We hope that these guidelines will go a long way to help you in your journey as you finally get used to the benefits of the vegan lifestyle. Follow a vegan Indian weight loss diet if shedding off those extra pounds is a goal of yours.

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